Best Apps List to Find Indian Railways Schedule PNR Seat Availability for Android

Indian Railways LogoIndian Railways is the world’s fourth largest rail network in the world. Indian choose railways over any other means of transport from traveling from one place to another and this has led to more than 7,000 railway stations across whole India and more than 25 million passengers and 2.5 million tons of freight is handled every days by Indian Railways. Since 1951 Indian Railways were nationalized as one unit and thereby it became the largest rail network web in the world.

Indian Railways from time to time has evolved their technologies to make the journey, booking, traveling better. Introducing Duronto Trains, fast trains and AC trains; Indian Railways is certainly making their way to make the services better. By sitting online on web you can find the train schedules, arrivals, departures, and current status and book tickets on the go. These online sources allows users to plan your trip, check out fare, check train between stations, read rules, arrival/departure and running status.

The smartphones have become so much capable enough and Indian Railways is making it easier to make the railways information available on the mobile itself. Android based mobile phones too can be used to access updated information on train schedules, arrivals and departures timings through various applications available.

There are many apps that would make life easier for the Android users and now am going to make it more easier to the Indians who use trains to travel but can’t find a easier way to book the tickets or know various status of the Railways. Here are few app that will help out the travellers to save more time and energy by using these apps that are listed below.

ixigo trains-app

Ixigo Indian rail & Trains is easily one of the best app on the Google Play Store with 4.5 ratings, offering features that the user of this app would like to have while planning for a rail travel or even while travelling. This app was also the winner of the 2013 Mobby’s Award for being the best app and it is the only ad-free train app.

This app will be updated regularly and it can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store.

ixigo pnr status appThis ixigo PNR Status Train Flight app just offers the user to track their PNR status for Trains as well as for Flights. It also alerts the users about their booking status, train status (if it is delayed or cancelled) and also the flight status. This app allows manual addition of the PNRs to SMS box and automatically identifies the PNR of their next travel by scanning the inbox. This app gives a direct link to the IRCTC SMS so that it will be easier to the traveler to show it to the TTE without having to go through the total inbox.

The updates in this app are regular and are available for free from Google Play Store.

RailYatri app

The Rail Yatri app is a application on the Google Play for the Indian Rail travelers, which will let them use the features like train cancellation alerts, delays, route change and the GPS train locater let the user to see their train running status in real time. This app also lets the user to share the trip updates and experience on Rail Radar for the public.

This app is available on the Google Play store and has a 4.0 rating on it.

Indian Train Alarm

This app is pretty much same as all the apps with the unique feature of adding setting location based alarms for any Railway Stations in India and also with list of Railway Stations with their locations to set alarms. There are more than 2300 stations listed and more are being added to it. The app will inform the users when the train is about reach a station without having the accesses to the internet on your Android mobile, this alarm can be set with a triggering radius of 5km  or 25km.

This app is available on Google Play Store.

Cleartrip - app

Cleartrip is an app that combined with IRCTC so that the users can use the IRCTC website on their Android Smart Phone to book tickets during a given interval of time making it the only app that can be used to book railway tickets with same fare as listed in the IRCTC. Along with this the users can book hotels and flights and check the PNR status and also lets to book hotels in over 1500 cities across the world. More over you can do all these things even when you are offline!!

This app is on the Google Play Store for free and will be working with devices running on Android 2.3+.

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Listed here are the top applications on Android according to their usage and importance.

Application # 1 : Indian Railway Schedule

The Indian Railway Schedule provides the information to the users on the trains arrival and departure timings and their schedule. This application through simple and intuitive interface make it easy to search out for the trains. This application is developed by AppKettle and this has been tested on the various Android mobile phones. You can get the train status of the next 24 hours. To get the train running status information you just need to type in the station name and the train number along with the date of the journey and then hit ‘Get Schedule’ and in the next page you will be shown with the schedule. The train running status information is updated every 10 minutes.

Train Schedule


This application receives 4.5 / 5 star rating and it’s freely available at Android Apps Labs for download on your mobile phone.

Application # 2 : Indian Rail Info App

Indian Rail Info App for Android based mobile phones allows users to get all the Indian Railways information anytime and anywhere. Be it PNR status enquiry or lookup, finding the train, availability, fare check-up, arrival or departure status, train running information, seat upgrade status and fare enquiry can be easily check-up using this application on your mobile phone. This is the best rated Android Application for train information.

Indian Rail Info


The Indian Rail Info application can be easily downloaded from Android Apps Labs for free and this application is must for railway information of India as it receives 4.5 /5 star ratings from the users.

Application # 3 : Indian Railway Train Alarm

Indian Railway Train Alarm is an Android application designed to allows users to look out for the running status of the train of their choice i.e., train running information. That is just not all with this application, it can alert you in the case of train is running late or running before the time. Wow! This is amazing as train running information displays the info but alerts are something special.

With this application you can also track the PNR Status of a ticket that you have booked and users can check the status of confirmation of their wait listed ticket status when that ticket get confirmed. Users can simply create alerts when they provide the PNR Number which they have received during the time of reservation.

Indian Rail Alarm

The Indian Railway Train Alarm application also allows users to download and save the train schedule for offline reference too. Let’s us go through the quick features of this applications.


Application # 4 : PNR Status

The PNR Status functions as simple as the name indicates i.e., check the PNR Status of any ticket reservation that you have made. Additionally you can provide the IRCTC username and password to get the PNR status or get the ticket status of the printable tickets from your account. When you are using this application, you shouldn’t be worried about the security as this application is fully encrypted with SSL, RSA and AES encryption methods.

PNR Status


The PNR Status Android application can be easily downloaded at Android Apps Labs for free.

Apart from that various other applications are also available based on the Indian Railways which are Indian Rail PNR Status Enquiry, A PNR4IndiaRail and IndRail.

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