Ubislate Aakash 2 / 7Ci Tablet Launched in UK at £30

India’s $40 educational slate, the Aakash 2 is set to make its mark in the western world. The tablet was initially produced by British company DataWind, updated 3 commercial variants of this Tablet in its UK website. The three variants being, The UbiSlate 7Cz made its path earlier this year, through Federal Communication Commission (FCC) has a big 7 inch ...

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Aakash Tab 2 will be Available for $ 21 via Student Discount

Update: The “Aakash” name for the low cost Android tablets was given by the Indian govt. and the device was made especially for the students in the IT sector, but later on the manufacturer Datawind broke relations after insufficient number of devices were delivered on the promised time, and then they kept launching the tablet devices with the brand name ...

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