Desire X

HTC Desire X Android Phone Hands-on Review & Unboxing

HTC seems to be on the regular trial and error cycles, where the trials are done with the “One” series of devices, and the errors, or rather the disadvantages from there are removed and the better versions are released in the “Desire” series. Except the HTC One X, there is nothing that can represent the recent best from HTC, though ...

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How to Root HTC Desire X Android Phone – Tutorial

HTC Desire X smartphone, the latest from the house of HTC can now be rooted and in the due course of this article we will be checking out on how you can root the device with the help of simple to follow instructions. The main advantage of rooting in Android is that you can then make use of various custom ...

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HTC Desire X Phone Launched – Price, Specs & Features

Update: The HTC Desire X is officially launched and is now available in the market for sale. In India, the pricing is Rs. 19,799 and the actual MRP is around Rs. 23,499 but the direct price from any retailer is around Rs. 3500 lesser. The specifications that are to be noted, include the 4-inch capacitive touch screen, the 5MP autofocus ...

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