Streaks App – a simple application for Android, which will help develop new habits

It has long been known which are of great importance for a man of his habits. It is not for nothing more ancient Greeks noticed that a habit – this is second nature. So we try not to miss the interesting tools that help get rid of bad habits, and we want to introduce you to the program Streaks for Android.

The application for the formation of habits

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Buy a new or useful habit to get rid of the bad is difficult. It requires a person of exceptional tenacity and willpower. Though a bit to facilitate this process are called special programs, able to keep track of the dates of your actions. With their help, you can collect statistics, set up reminders and get the extra motivation to achieve this goal.

Streaks add habit Streaks learn

Streaks proposes to use to consolidate the habits of a method of continuous chain.It is what you need for some time every day to carry out the planned action. After 3-4 weeks pass, it will become your habit already and you do not have to spend so much effort to make the action. Additional moral stimulus appears on the form unbroken chain of days in which you were able to realize our plans.

After starting the program you will need to add to it the names of things you have planned for the daily performance. At the same time, you can activate the appearance of notifications at the specified time will be reminded of scheduled.Here you will see the buttons Yes and No, intended to reported about the quest.

Streaks calendar an application for the formation of habits

The program also has a calendar, which circles marked the days when you did not allow yourself to relax. Undoubtedly, neat rows of circles will have on you a strong motivational impact and sooner or later will lead to the formation of a desirable habit.

Streaks program for Android is free, but has a limit on the number of added skills.However, if you do not intend to suddenly develop into superman, the five skills will be honed to you is enough.

Owners gadgets to iOS can also learn new habits in using the appropriate version of the application. Our survey.

If you need more information about the habits and methods of their development, you’ll find it here.

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