What is Safe Mode & How to Boot Android device in Safe Mode – Details

Android, one of the most developer and user friendly eco system has tonnes of customization options and for all those who wanted to know on what safe mode is and how you can boot into it. Safe Mode is one of the best things to do for figuring out the issue. The classic example is to check the battery consumption by various apps which are present in your device. So let’s check out on what is safe mode and how you can boot into the same. Safe Mode What is Safe Mode?

Just like computer has the safe mode which disables most of the functionalities, Safe mode in android smartphone too disables almost all the processed and apps which run the core services at the background mode. Please note that, in Safe mode there will be some apps which will not be seen and also your phone will not be having most of the shortcuts and unnecessary options. Safe mode can be identified by the “Safe Mode” tag which will be written on the top right portion of the screen. Just in case if you wish to figure out on what is the issue in your android smartphone, Safe Mode helps you out to figure the same. Also, once the device is booted in the safe mode helps in detecting the issues which are otherwise not possible to find out when tonnes of apps are installed and active in your android device.

How to Access Safe Mode in your Android device?
For Gingerbread and Older devices: Long press the power button till you see the prompt on the screen which will enable you to boot your device in the Safe mode. Please make a note that this method will only be valid for the devices which are on 2.3 Gingerbread OS and below.

For ICS, Jellybean and above devices: Turn Off your device first and then you will have to switch it back ON again. Once you see the boot logo, press the Volume Up and Down buttons. Keep pressing the buttons till you see the home screen. If the Android device has been successfully booted in the Safe Mode, you will see the message on the bottom left or on the top right portion of the screen. HTC users will have to make sure that the Fast boot option in your device by going into Settings -> Power and removing the tick from the Fast boot option. Do let us know for any queries regarding the Safe Mode option for your Android device in the comments section below. We will make sure to reply back to you asap!


    i upgraded my lava iris x8 kitkat into lollypop 3 days ago but yesterday night my screen automatically got turned off without switching off , when i pressed power button screen light is coming for fraction of second, even i could’nt change brightness & also cant unlock phone as i was unable to see any thing,when i long pressed power button it got restarted but i cant swich i offf, & same problem persisted
    but at morning i dont know how but all problem solved & i unlocked y phone, but safe mode was written on bottom left corner of my phone when i restarted phone safe mode word vanishes………………….
    i did’nt understand what these mean, why these happen, what to do ? pleae enlighten me……

  2. Hello,
    Recently, Malware was accidentally installed on my Acer Iconia B1-730hd tablet and I read on a website that one of the ways to uninstall this malicious app was to put in safe mode, but my tablet doesn’t have 2 separate buttons on the volume rocker, is there a different way to turn on see mode? I have some information regarding my device and the Malware below.

    Android version: 4.2.2
    Manual Buttons: Power button, volume rocker (up and down on the same fixed button)
    Malware: Manages system administrator, cannot use apps device when infected

  3. chetan thakor rangpur

    its done thanxx you

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